Corona Virus Updates

The church is not a Building with a steeple but a Gracious God Who has called out a people.  We may have suspended gathered services, but we have not suspended ministries. Wherever God's people dwell, the Gospel will go forward through the loving care of viable ministries throughout our communities. If you are aware of anyone in need or who may be in a high risk and have limited mobility, please make us award so that we might prayerfully address their situation. 

Our Leadership is currently addrsssing the best way of continuing to Equip the Saints for ministry. We will be considering alternative ways of hearing sermons, Bible Study, and delivering updated information and ministry opportunities should the social isolation pattern continue for an extended period of time.

We realize that there are many who may be suffering financially at this time.  If that is the case for you, please do not suffer or go without basics (Food, shelter, clothing), please let your need be known after you have given it over to the Lord. If you are able, please remember the ongoing storehouse giving that God expects from His people. You may mail a check to our church at 17930 NW 90th Court, Fanning Springs, FL 32693 or you may come by the Building and drop off your gift in person. Please call 463-2602 and make sure someone will be here to receive and secure your gift.

We continue to offer Free Rightnow Media subscriptions to those who request it by email. This service offers over 20,000 teaching, programming, and entertainment videos and series that are Biblically sound. There is something here for all age groups. Request yours today and allow it to be a tool to lead your family spiritually in the days ahead.

If we can come along side of you on any effective and viable ministry you may be prayerfully pursuing and need assistance, please let us know so we can prayerfully consider being of assistance to you.

May the Lord Himself continue to open up doors to share His Word and the Gospel during these times! 

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